Kudos to YBP


When I talk or write about library vendors in a focused way, it’s to complain about their service, their pricing, their communication and delivery models… so I’ll switch it up a bit.

I’m in crisis mode, selecting books to meet our fiscal year goals and deadlines. My constant-and-always problematic subject area is Teacher Education; the reviewing sources for education materials aimed at academic study of teacher training and pedagogy are slim and often difficult to find. I do what I can with what I have, but it’s a struggle every year to spend the money in the best, most appropriate ways.

So here I sit, with catalogs and bibliographies and printouts from other library catalogs and notes about areas of the collection to bulk up, and into my inbox pops a message from B&T/YBP. It says,

As the fiscal year comes to a close, YBP Library Services and Baker & Taylor would like to assist you with end of year selections. Every two weeks until June 30th, we will bring you a series of refined selection lists featuring in stock items only. These lists will cover a wide range of topics and will highlight audiovisual and print formats.

The first link in the message? Goes to a spreadsheet of 40 in-stock academically-oriented titles in education theory and research. We may own them all already. They may not be totally appropriate to our collection. But? I don’t care — I’ll find that part out later. What matters is that it’s another tool, delivered at just the right time, giving me information I need to know right now.

KUDOS to B&T/YBP for understanding, for acting, and for doing both in appropriate ways. And, also, a big thank you from this frazzled education selector.

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