The internet makes my worklife better

Stuff I did today and yesterday using online/social software:

  1. Worked with a committee on evaluating service options using the library’s intranet wiki.
  2. IMed with our adjunct and walked him through a dozen small cataloging questions remotely, thus not wasting hours of my time by sitting at his side to answer twelve questions that each took 30 seconds.
  3. Read a few blog posts that prompted me to check out Google Documents, which I could fall in love with as a collaboration tool.
  4. Found several cool articles and software bits via people using Twitter.
  5. IMed with a library school friend about implementing wikis and Google Calenders and generally talking about the state of IT for small libraries, and how independently hosted software applications are saving everyone’s lives when and if their in-house IT fails to do so.
  6. Emailed news to friends in DC about the fires at Eastern Market and the Georgetown branch, which I had found on the Library of Congress blog.
  7. Researched Serials Solutions online, to great effect.

So, sure, I’m online all day, and multitasking, and talking to people across the country, and generally giving continuous partial attention to a lot of tasks. And I wonder about the fragmentation of my attention. But then I look at what it accomplishes for me, and it becomes clear to me that there’s a benefit.

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