“Jenica, you going to the meeting [with the new Exec. Director of a NYS library organization]?”
“No, swamped.”
“Weren’t you involved with [the organization]? On a committee, or something?”
“Yeah, I was on the group that helped prepare the IMLS grant that was rejected.”
“God, does anyone ever get funded for IMLS grants?”
“I don’t think so, and it sucks, because this one was fantastic — it was a proof-of-concept project, partnering with [Microsoft of the library world] to create a centrally managed digitization and archiving hub that could then be scaled out to the constituent libraries. It would have been awesome.”
“Sounds like it, and I remember you were excited. Instead, they probably funded puppets for libraries.”
“Somewhere like Montana.”
“Totally. We can’t digitize data, but they buy everyone in Montana a puppet.”

Not to knock IMLS, Montana, or puppets unduly, but the dark archive and statewide repository project would have rocked. Also, that conversation made me laugh.

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