sirens, harpies, and wax

“these words are my diaries screaming out loud and I know that you’ll use them however you want to”
Anna Nalick, Breathe (2 AM)

Why Michael Gorman decided to start posting his anti-blogging/anti-web 2.0 manifestos on the Britannica Blog, I’ll never understand. That said, John Blyberg has come up with the most eloquent response to Gormangate Part A Million And Two that I’ve seen yet. It starts with,

I’ve been watching with some detached interest over the past few weeks as Michael Gorman decided to become one of the “blog people” and launch a blitzkrieg against what, one would presume to be, “all the other blog people.”

Oddly enough, given my personal feelings on the matters in question, I found myself not taking offense to any of it, nor am I particularly bothered by it, so naturally I needed to examine that a bit further.

and ends with,

Even though it’s not appropriate, his response to this nebulous new world is that of Ulysses’–tell his crew to put wax in their ears and lash him to the mast. So it’s no surprise to me that many of us (who he mistakenly thinks of as harpies) are really just sitting on the shore, listening to some really great music, sipping mai tais and casually wondering, “what the fuck is going on in that boat?”

I’ve seen plenty of other responses that were enraged, or considered, or logical, or analytical, or disinterested, or frustrated. I’ve read good and bad. This wins on eloquent (read the whole post to see the poetic metaphor involved), and I give it points for taking the tone that I think is appropriate — we can get mad at Gorman, or we can go about our lives and just wonder, “what is going on in that boat?”

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