just whining, really

Today was one of those days where I just looked at the clock on my computer (the clock on the wall has a dead battery, and in its alternate universe it’s been 1:46 for weeks), saw that it was 3, and wondered where my day went.  I even asked the question out loud, but the computer didn’t respond, though iTunes did go on happily singing Miranda Lambert at me.

The list of things To Do On Monday is dutifully being checked off, one item at a time, but I really did think I was going to get more done today.  I sent the list of discards to the public libraries.  (Check.)  I got the intern set up for today, and proofed her work from last week.  (Check.)  I set up the bank account for SUNYLA. (Check, took more than an hour and two banks to do.  Am not currently pleased with HSBC at all, but as always adore my credit union.)  I sorted out the 168 emails received between Thursday at 5 and this morning at 9:30.  (Check, want to break the email server and move entirely to an IM or Twitter-based communication method.)  I did quick troubleshooting for the cataloging adjunct.  (Check.)  I attended the Performance Database meeting, and talked about databases and project planning in what I hope are useful ways.  (Check.)  I started the wiki page for Collection Development planning, and then…. (No check.)  The day started to flounder.  Emails coming in (my SUNYLA presentation is broken for one person, but working for me, so I made a copy, and emailed that off, then more cataloging adjunct questions), meetings that I just noticed are conflicts (so I rescheduled one, and requested a reference trade for another), journal ToCs arriving (quickly checked for interesting articles to ILL or find online — none today), making decisions about how to handle budgets that cross fiscal years (do we count it when we got the grant, or when we spent it?), and then realizing…

I was trying to set up the planning process for Collection Development before I got totally distracted.  Crap.  The day just got away from me, and now it’s 3:15.

It’s days like today that I want to coat all my work products and projects in metaphorical velcro, and stick ’em to a wall, all neatly lined up, and then handle them in tidy, systematic order.  With no distractions or side-trips.

But life, and work, and libraries, just don’t work like that.  So I’m going to have to cope.


  1. velcro. on the back of project-sized plastic envelopes (the kind you get at Target). hmm… that doesn’t sound crazy to me at all. to me that sounds like a visual/creative person’s way to organize, and now I want to do it!


  2. Heck, I read about your checklists and think you get done more in a day than I do in a week sometimes! And, I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I LOVE being a librarian is the fact that every day is different…


  3. I’ve had the same two things on my checklist for weeks now. No closer to getting finished because of all those other distractions. Maybe the large velcro WOULD help.


  4. Ooh, the zippered project bags. Velcroed to a wall, with big whiteboard strips and multicolored markers…

    My metaphorical mental organizer is getting prettier, and prettier…


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