Call it George

Yet again, danah boyd says what I was thinking more eloquently than I could:

But above all else, seriously, create a public Internet identity, maintain it, link to it, build it, love it, hug it, and call it George. I can’t tell you how important this is. … Carefully crafting and cautiously managing one’s public image is a critical aspect of living in a mediated public world. Every advice column I’ve read warns people of the dangers of living online. I think that this is idiotic. People need to embrace the world we live in and learn to work within its framework. Don’t panic about being public – embrace it and handle it with elegance.

Yours in attempted elegance,


[via Into The Stacks]

One comment

  1. […] danah boyd keynote at IL2008 (I discovered danah boyd ages ago when I was searching for Ani DiFranco lyrics on the internet.  If you ever have the same need, go here, not to one of the random pages the internet will provide you with; boyd’s collection is better organized, ad-free, and charmingly straightforward.    From there, I started checking out who this woman was… and another avenue of information opened up to me, and later, a blog was renamed. […]


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