Stuff I did today at work:

  • Email. Email, email, email, email. Including: discussing how to prioritize a faculty member’s list of purchase requests, selecting an in-house contact person for system-wide cataloging issues, budget requests from SUNYLA committees, explaining the classification scheme in our new not-really-a-branch-but-on-campus-and-in-our-catalog library, receiving and okay-ed an invoice for online resources, and… more.
  • Requested a new shipment of boxes from Better World Books.
  • Talked with a colleague about travel details for Internet Librarian.
  • Distributed copies of grant proposals to relevant librarians.
  • Ate lunch at Dexter’s and selected materials in support of our teacher ed program, including a bunch of nifty curriculum materials and a few new kids’ books. It’s early days yet; I was judicious, but it was fun.
  • Visited my husband during his office hours, and ended up talking with a department faculty member about library issues.
  • Compiled and mailed a package of information to the LiSUG conference organizers.
  • Submitted two sets of orders for faculty grants.
  • Finished editing (after colleague feedback) a proposal on how we might kill a current, contentious service.
  • Talked and brainstormed with colleague about building issues: small ottomans to keep feet off of new tablet chair tables, falling light fixture covers, and what to do about the ‘scary’ stairwell.
  • Evaluated the addition-worthy-ness of a handful of gift books from miscellaneous faculty members.
  • Proofread and edited original and “oddball” cataloging for aforementioned branch-that’s-not-a-branch library.
  • Wrote this list.

There it is; a day in the life. It’s interesting to me that I actually did a lot of work with books today, spending actual hours either touching, describing, or evaluating books, between the gifts, the cataloging, and the selection. Most days, I feel like I work in the vicinity of books, but not actually with them. Which, considering how often we hear about a perception that “librarians read books all day”, well, irony. My job and the perceptions of my job are often nowhere near each other. Hell, my job and my own perceptions of my job are often nowhere near each other. So it’s an interesting exercise to keep track of what I really do, both for me and for those who are curious what a librarian’s daily life looks like.

Note: THERE WERE NO MEETINGS TODAY. That alone makes this a mystery miracle day. And a productive one — I’m going home now!

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