It’s almost Tuesday

Mondays are never easy days for me.  I think it’s a combination of my tendency to leave things on Friday, thinking, “I’ll handle that on Monday”, and the fact that I often come in a bit later on Mondays than I do the rest of the week, so when I arrive between 9:30 and 10, there are a dozen or more emails waiting for me.

So, today was no exception.  I spent a portion of my morning crafting a lengthy and important information-filled clarification email to a faculty member, and then a longer portion of my day working a busy shift at the Reference desk while writing the last bits of our nascent “Collection Development Librarians’ Handbook”.  Very busy, very intent, very focused (while being totally scattered; my general MO!).

And by 4 I was feeling a little down, a bit humbled by the tasks I’d set myself and the challenge of managing relationships across campus and within the library, so I treated myself to an apple-cinnamon scone and a cappuccino and went back into Technical Services to ask our TS staff for some help with the detail bits of the handbook.

And in the ten minutes I was back there, the three woman talking with me  1) answered every question I had about the process of gift-book-management, 2) clarified a point I hadn’t even gotten around to asking about yet, 3) pointed out a nuance of the faculty communication issue from the morning that I’d totally missed, and, my personal favorite from our newest staff member, 4) told me what a great job she has and how much she likes working here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My day improved immeasurably.  It could have been the scone, or the cappuccino, but I’m pretty sure it was the competence, dedication, and common sense of my colleagues that did it.

Mondays aren’t so bad, after all.  Maybe.

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