I spent today trying to tie up the most important of my loose ends at work, because on Sunday I fly to Monterey for Internet Librarian.  In trying to describe the conference and why I’m going to my non-librarian mom, I realized that I’m equal parts excited about the content of the sessions I’m planning to see, the people I’ll get to visit with, and the chance to explore Monterey.  Great location + opportunities to learn + chances to catch up with some of my favorite librarians = a conference to get excited about.

Also, my husband says I need a vacation.

So, after I finish packing and tidying up at home tomorrow, I’m off!  I’ll probably be doing some conference blogging — I’m a big fan of typing as I listen, as a memory aid, so I’m likely to be posting each session (wireless dependent, of course).  At the very least, I’ll be posting summaries.

And I’ll be back to the real world on November 5.  Until then, I’ll be in my happy networking-and-learning place.  See you later!

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  1. Hi,

    have fun at IL!! Hope you meet my two Dutch friends Erik & Jaap who are on a roadtrip visiting all the great libraries in the States but will be on IL on time to do a presentation.

    Greeting, Moqub (Elisabeth)


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