IL2007: Cool tools for webmasters!

  1. Sketchcast – online whiteboard
  2. JingProject – capture and share images, good for IM or quick troubleshooting emails – just-in-time demos
  3. picnik – online photo editor, plugin for firefox or explorer
  4. slideshare — share presentation slides — also scribd, splashcast, zoho show, slideaware
  5. thumbalizr — capture screen or page images
  6. IBM Unstructured Information modeler — analyze unstructured data sets, create automatic categories
  7. DiffDaff — allows graphical comparison of two different directories
  8. LogView — log changes
  9. SOAP Sonar — testing and analyzing web services
  10. Evolved — text editor that adapts to different programming languages
  11. Perl Express — free integrated development environment for perl
  12. Photo Slideshow — flash slideshow creator
  13. Flash Gallery Generator — creates gallery and slideshows
  14. Google Sitemap Builder — allows better Google indexing of site features, including good and bad links, plus visual map
  15. Open Source Federated Search — Library Find, dbWiz, Masterkey.
  16. IBM Omnifind Yahoo Edition — free site search, up to 500,000 documents
  17. …and my battery dies.  Michelle’s battery did not die.


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