IL2007: Screencasting and eLearning

Screencasting and eLearning on a Shoestring (also known as the Boule and Coombs show…)

from, of course, Michelle Boule and Karen Coombs

a bunch of tools to use, either free or nearly free or not free because there’s nothing that’s free, that we can all use for elearning and sharing and collaboration. [I didn’t put in links because you can just google them yourselves.]

  1. Slideshare – for, la, sharing slides.
  2. Zoho Show – same, can be used offline
  3. Google Presentation – same, can be used by more than one person
  4. Drupal Chat – Drupal is CMS, but Drupal chat can get around firewalls, etc.
  5. Direct or Third Party clients – AIM, Pidgin, Trillian, etc – group chat requires some knowledge
  6. Meebo – web-based multi-chat client
  7. Campfire – create a chat room that you invite people to
  8. Blogger – new fabulous features (sez Michelle, “Blogger has grown up and come a long way”)
  9. WordPress – open source tool — .com is free, .org is for your own domain, .mu is multi-user. “Lots of bang for your very free buck.”
  10. MovableType – free for personal use but not for multiple users or extras
  11. Camtasia – screencasting tool to capture screen or do video, a struggle to use, but great export features (not free)
  12. Captivate –screencasting, easy to use, but not full motion screen capture video (not free)
  13. CamStudio – the free screencasting option but only on Windows. Open Source, and very easy to use.
  14. iShowU – screencasting for macs, captures both screen and voice
  15. – store screencasts, allows archive, keeps Quicktime but makes flash for viewing, allows posting to other websites through embed codes
  16. OPAL – online programming for all libraries. Hosting service for libraries
  17. DimDim – Browser based, multi-user chat, plus lots of file sharing and interactive features. Windows only.
  18. Zoho – more hosting opportunities. Check out zoho for lots of stuff.
  19. VMukti Meeting Place – audio, video, webconferencing, no install required, open or private meetings, free, open source, fee for in depth support
  20. Audacity – create audio, import audio, edit (trim, adjust levels, and fade), create MP3 files for podcasts – is a download, but works on all platforms
  21. Our Media – can upload audio or video, create podcast feed, apply creative commons license
  22. Feedburner – best way to create a feed for podcast, add information for iTunes, keep statistics of subscribers.
  23. PodPress – wordpress plugin for hosted wordpress – creates a podcast feed off the blog, allows you to upload audio and embed in blog, plus list in various podcast directories

When asked about virus issues, Karen makes the smart point that if you want people to engage and collaborate, you have to make some choices. You can’t stop all spam or virus attacks, but you can make smart choices about file sharing, virus transfers, etc. Michelle adds that email is also a virus and spam venue, but we don’t stop using it for that reason. You need to educate your users, decide on your communication priorities, and realize that you can’t move forward if you avoid everything that might be dangerous.


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