Stuff, Day 1, IL2007

  • After the keynote, I gave out my blog address twice, to the women sitting on either side of me, because I had raised my hand when Rainey asked “Who’s blogging this?”, and I was typing such copious notes. Nifty. Made me wish my last name was less complicated, so it would be easier to write the blog address. Also, ought to get some Moo cards with blog on them.
  • Mexican for lunch with Michelle and Jason and Karen and Amanda and Eric and Michael and Chad. Yummy, and great company. And we even talked about non-librarian things.
  • I gave baby booties to Michelle and Jason (who are both having babies, separately), and effectively fulfilled the stereotype of “librarian with cats who knits.”
  • After the opening vendor reception, dinner and drinks that lasted until 11 (though I hear they went ‘til at least 1:30). I love the community that I find at these conferences, of creative, engaged, intelligent and out-of-the-box colleagues who are doing work that resonates with me as being the future of my profession. And beyond that, they’re whole people. Much like my experience with the blogosphere, I respect these people more, not less, because I know that Steven drinks terrible beer, or that Michelle has a talent for the loud comment at the quiet moment, or that Eric is an unapologetic smoker, or that Tom and Meredith are wickedly funny in their quietly delivered ways, or that Dave sings Brandy when he sings karaoke and that Stephen can sing it on command, and most especially that they’re human, whole, interesting people outside of and beyond our common interest in libraries and information. Knowing something of the person beyond the professional makes them more important to me as colleagues, not less. There was also that bit where several well-known figures pretended to snort salt through a rolled-up five dollar bill for the benefit of the table’s photographers, in an attempt to put some scandal into library blogs. We’ll see how that goes. The proposed Tuesday night karaoke may be more effective to that end… Also, the tab for the first portion of the evening was over $400. Holy wow.


  1. Glad you find me wickedly funny. That’s what I’m shooting for. However, I’m not sure I appreciate being lumped together with the Annoyed Librarian (heh-heh).

    We had Steven drinking the good stuff by the end of the conference. Dave and I made sure of that.


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