Boo: Sick

We made it back from Internet Librarian with only a small amount of hassle; we were able to transfer to a flight from San Jose to Chicago, then to Syracuse, and rent a car to get us there.  We shared the rental with Diane and Samantha, and we all made it home later than expected but just as safe.   I was home in time for my planned camping trip with my husband and a bunch of our friends…

And now I’ve been home, sick.  SICK.  Head cold from hell, people.  I’m suspecting it’s a combination of air travel, messed up sleep schedules, camping in November, and generally being overextended.  I’ve done nothing but sleep and cough and watch TV today.  (Thank heavens for having three episodes of Mystery! —  Lynley and Havers ones — recorded on the bedroom DVR, and Sahara on the living room DVR.)

My only problem (aside from feeling like crap) is that I’m constantly thinking about work.  I haven’t checked my email through an act of sheer willpower, but I think I’m about to cave — I can’t stop wondering what I need to tend to, what’s waiting for my attention, what’s  come up in my absence.

I don’t think that kind of worrying is conducive to recovery from illness, but I’m not sure what to do about it.  I was entirely energized by Internet Librarian, wanting to come back to work and share my new insights and ideas and focus my energy on our work… and here I am, sneezing on my sofa.  Thinking about work.

Of course, I’m also completely distractable, and sort of brain-dead.  I just spent 5 minutes watching Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino throw themselves from the bed of the pickup truck they’re  handcuffed to, in the middle of the Sahara, all while my fingers rested on the keyboard of my laptop.  Thus it becomes clear to me that I do not belong at work, where they deserve my full attention.  Currently, I am far more likely to be able to devote that attention to two men making a dune-sail out of a crashed airplane than to whatever is in my email.

So my email stays put, and so do I.  Sometimes you just gotta be sick.


  1. aw, feel better soon! and, yes, email will still be there when you’re ready to face it.

    also, I just have to say, two DVRs? That is fantastic. The mister has been asking for a second one for the bedroom for ages, and I’ve been all, “are you out of your mind, no one has two DVRs”. I’m sort of happy to be wrong 😉


  2. *laughs* Yeah, 2 DVRs. The one downstairs tapes all the stuff we watch together, and most of Drew’s guilty pleasures, while upstairs is where I save my stuff — Futurama, Deep Space Nine, Mystery!, Project Runway, and lots of old movies off AMC.

    It’s totally worth it. Join the bleeding “two DVRs” edge. 🙂


  3. Matthew McConahottie is highly therapeutic, in his own way. I applaud your self-care measures.

    I hate that time away from work = double-work when I return. I have no idea how to fix that… but I bet your email could wait a few more hours.

    I’m now going to shift all the piles from my desk to my table, rearrange my desk, and repile everything in a new, more organized way. Because the current piles are out of control.



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