The Crazy Place

I’ve reached that place. The place I get to periodically, when my commitments and intentions have outpaced my abilities and available time. The place where I can’t seem to accomplish anything, where I know I worked all day, but I’m not sure what I did, where the list on the whiteboard doesn’t get shorter, and the list on the clipboard just gets longer, and my email threatens to eat my brain through my eye sockets, and I’m certain I’ve forgotten something truly vital, and people are asking for things that I really meant to do last week… The Crazy Place.

Time to re-set.

This time, I think I’m going to borrow heavily from the clear and rational recommendations from ZenHabits on Cutting Back When You Feel Overwhelmed. Starting, as they propose, with stepping back. A weekend is the perfect time for that, yes? Particularly a birthday weekend, which I’m celebrating with some dear friends, chinese takeout, beer, and Torchwood.

On Monday I’ll start step 2, listing. And, hey, cool, I have a head start on step 2. I’m a compulsive list-er. Maybe I’m save-able, after all, since I’m on at least one of the right tracks…

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