Grinning like a mad fool

I’m well into step 2, back to my clipboarded list with its 4 sections (General Professional, Collection Development, Technical Services, and SUNYLA), color-coded and entertainingly font-ed. The lyric at the top (which serves as the “subject”) is from Tori Amos, Parasol:

I haven’t moved since the call came. Since the call came I haven’t moved.
I stare at the wall knowing on the other side the storm that waits for me.

Not, perhaps, cheerful, but at least evocative of something true.

Another something true is that I must maintain a sense of humor. In general, and about my work. Two separate colleagues have pointed out to me that the Network Status blog has been updated, and that the most recent entry is worth checking out. Why? Because our network guys have a sense of humor. And that matters. So. Everyone: Be funny. Revel in the odd. Enjoy the moment. Smile.

And then move on to step 3: Setting limits. Limits?. Well. Um. Huh. I can try.

One comment

  1. I don’t know that I have a sense of humor, per se: I just like cutting offensive mediums into little pieces. You should what 10 seconds in a microwave does to a corrupted CD-ROM.



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