the march of progress

I left work on Thursday afternoon fully expecting to come back to work Friday morning.  Instead, I was out sick with some horrible virus until this morning.  And I got back after my five days of fever-induced delirium to discover that a) it was my turn to bring treats for our staff meeting, thus precipitating a rushed trip to the grocery store for muffins and bagels, and b) that Proquest bought WebFeat.

Go home sick, and the world gets wonky.

I’m actually relatively dismayed by that acquisition; I really liked that WebFeat was an innovative, inventive and independent company.  The industry trend toward mergers and conglomeration and megalithic vendors does not entice or impress me.  Frankly, it makes me wish we could hire a new tech-head and go totally open source.

Probably not the reaction Proquest was hoping to inspire.

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