A morning

  • 9:00: All dressed and ready to go, decided instead to sit down with laptop and triage email from home.
  • 9:20: Remembered that faculty member from yesterday said he’d be in “between 9 and 10″.  Shrieked in dismay, and rushed to office.
  • 9:30:  Arrived at office, no sign of faculty member.  Call to check in; yes, he’s coming.  Didn’t miss him.  *whew* Go back to email.
  • 9:40: Met with faculty member to arrange cat-on-fly checkout of dvds that arrived yesterday, for a class today.
  • 10:00: Talked over issues that came up while I was out sick with team co-leader, discussing resolution of solved issues and brainstorming solutions to those still pending.
  • 10:10: Discussed weeding and discards process with clerical coworker responsible for physical disposition of materials, and talked through some questions and assessments she’s had and made.
  • 10:30: Discussed summer’s SUNYLA conference with local arrangements chair. We dithered about the logo, and hemmed and hawed about reasonable prices for entertainers.
  • 10:35: Read a few librariana blog posts.
  • 10:45: Sorted my mail, and emailed with CiL copresenters. Twittered. Made lunch plans. Read a post on BoingBoing re: NLC cataloging CC books, created BoingBoing account, commented.
  • 11:00: Rescheduled Collection Development committee meeting, and made note of sick time on calendar.
  • 11:35: Finished editing the draft policy that we’re discussing at rescheduled meeting. Remembered to save it as both .doc and .docx. In celebration, read the latest Order of the Stick, xkcd, FBoFW, and Questionable Content.
  • 11:48: Sent draft policy document to committee colleagues.
  • 11:50: Re-requested reference trades for while I’m at CiL.
  • 11:52: Decided to stop feeding BoingBoing trolls.
  • 12:05: Began editing draft form for use at public services desks to send, with commentary from committee, back to originator.
  • 12:20: And then I left for lunch. The end.

(This is why it’s so hard to explain what I do all day. What’s a librarian do? Lots of stuff! Different stuff! Tons of stuff! ALL THE TIME!)

Listening to: Dixie Chicks – Favorite Year

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