…and an afternoon

After a lovely lunch with a campus colleague in which we talked about life, the universe, and everything, I got back to work.

  • 1:30: Discussed cataloging workflow stuff with team co-leader.
  • 1:50: Took advantage of the (cold! but) sunny day to push a cart of recently cataloged books over to Literacy Center, and refilled cart with books to be cataloged.
  • 2:10: After chatting briefly with the Lit Center staff about some issues we’re working on together, returned to library with full (and very heavy) cart of books.
  • 2:12: Sat down in office, checked email, replied to email, pondered issues raised in email, scanned librariana feeds for a moment.
  • 2:24: Returned to Tech Services to sort through books brought over from Literacy Center, selecting for addition to collection, marking destination collection, and making note of any other special issues before they go to cataloger.
  • 3:10: Finished with gift books, paused by photocopier to chant “I do not need more kitchen stuff” over the Pampered Chef catalog sitting on the filing cabinet, returned to office.
  • 3:12: Checked email. Read email. Replied to some email.
  • 3:20: Dug out paperwork and login authorizations in order to catalog ebooks recently purchased. Instead, remembered question raised re: EZProxy and ebooks in the catalog, and sent email to team co-leaders asking for clarification before beginning work. One leader leaves at 3:30, so tabled ebooks until tomorrow/next week.
  • 3:40: Checked scheduler; approved 2 new meetings and reviewed next week’s commitments.
  • 3:46: Talked with colleague about relative merits of and decisions regarding archival images stored in Dspace vs ContentDM.
  • 4:00: In honor of being really exhausted still from my weekend illness, and in pursuit of some grocery shopping, I decide to pack it up and go home a bit early today.

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