very interesting

The fact that I’ve gotten four trackbacks on the post about systems and librarians tells me that this issue has struck a chord.  How many new/young/reinventing librarians wish there was a way, other than self-teaching, to learn applied tech skills?  (More than I realized.) What do we have to do to make that happen?  (Agitate.  The dean of my LIS alma mater contacted me on Facebook to tell me she’s following this thread across many blogs, and is aware of the issues.  I’m going to make some suggestions to our local library network about professional development needs.  And I’m totally going to take Matt up on his offer — if my education and my job don’t teach me the skills I think I should have, I’ll find them where I can.)

Also, strangely, Metallica is the perfect music for doing bookkeeping work.  Who knew?

Listening to: Metallica – Enter Sandman


  1. Also, as a shameless plug, my consulting business does a fair amount of [re]training work. While libraries/librarians have never been a major (or even minor) market for those services (unlike EZproxy, which I could almost retire off of alone), I would so be down with group training, possibly in conjunction with any of the litany of conferences you librarians seem to always be having.


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