Off to see the wizard

I leave for Computers in Libraries in less than three days. I spent the majority of my day today working on my slides for my preconference session — I know exactly what I want to talk about, but putting it together in a readable, visually interesting, “I have more to say than what’s written here but what’s here is useful” kind of way always takes more time than I expect it to. I got really into it today, though, and had a great time trying to think concisely and usefully, and I think did a good job on my first draft. I’ll tidy it up on Saturday night, make whatever minor changes seem obvious on second readthrough, confirm the details, and be all ready for Sunday.

Of course, I was so happily typing, formatting, inserting images, and reordering my thoughts that I missed my emergency dentist appointment today. Completely forgot, despite the ache in my jaw. Now I get to wait an extra three weeks to see if my wisdom teeth need to come out. If my teeth suddenly go all crooked during CiL, you’ll know why — I was too busy geeking out with a slideshow to tend to my dental health. Smart choice, that. *sigh*

I also reviewed faculty requests and compiled about $1000 in orders for our acquisitions clerk to process. That was how I wound down after my run-in with the extremely annoyed dental secretary. She didn’t have much sympathy for my frantic, “I’m so sorry, I was working on a project and just lost track of time” apology, but, well, I suppose I would be less than sympathetic, as well.

Tomorrow I need to finish compiling my own orders to finish my annual spending, check the state of the other librarians’ budgets, run some reports to ascertain how close we are to our fiscal projections and goals for April, possibly pull a cart of weeding, and definitely attend the monthly coordinators’ meeting tomorrow afternoon.

Friday I have an early personnel meeting, and then the rest of the day ‘free’ to prepare to leave for a week. I am confident, positive, and absolutely certain that something will come up between now and then to fill that day with This Must Be Done Before I Leave tasks.

And then? Drive to Syracuse, fly to Dulles, have lunch with some dear old friends, then meet the Academic Library 2.0 crew at the hotel for dinner and last-minute coordinating. Then the conference, the networking, the good restaurants, and the, well, beer. After that’s all over, I’m taking a few days of vacation to spend time with the aforementioned dear friends and their partners, and then I return to home and work on Monday.

From here on out, this will be a very conference-heavy blog, so if that interests you, this one’s for you. If a play-by-play of my CiL experience sounds duller than dull to you, I apologize. I’ll be back to normal on the 13th.

If you’re going to be in DC, see you there!


  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your toothache! I hope you’re not in too much discomfort at CIL.

    Can’t wait to see you in a few days! I’m going to miss the first half of the preconference since I have to do my wiki preconf in the morning, but I’m glad I’ll be able to make your part of a talk since I’ve never heard you speak before! 🙂

    Feel better!


  2. Me and my dumb teeth will cope, but thanks for the thoughts.

    Huh. I guess none of you guys have heard me speak. That hadn’t occurred to me. … No pressure … 😉


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