Slides forthcoming

Today’s preconference went quite well, I think, in that the participants seemed engaged and interested, asked lots of interesting questions that sparked discussion, and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I, however, am struggling with PowerPoint.  I abandoned PowerPoint for presentations about 2 years ago, switching to doing them all as .html slideshows.  (Because PowerPoint is crap. Etcetera.) I did this one .pptx, though, because PowerPoint 2007, which I recently upgraded to on my work machine, is pretty nifty, in terms of features and functionality.  Setting up those slides was fun.

However.  I can’t seem to upload them here, to  I can’t export them to Slideshare effectively.  I can’t downgrade the save to .ppt without losing features which muck up the formatting. I can’t drop it in my web folder on the campus server (or, rather, I did that, but it opens as a garbled page of text and symbols rather than as a “do you want to open this?” dialog).  Therefore… I, uh, am sort of stumped.

So I absolutely will post my slides over on the presentation page in a better format than the slightly garbled Slideshare show.  It just may have to wait until next week when I’m not trapped in euphoric conference chaos.  I apologize for the confusion and delay.  You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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