CiL day one

I’m sitting in my room at 6:48 on day one of the conference, tired’er than tired. When did I get so old? My feet hurt, my shoulder’s achy, and I kind of just want to go to bed. I am, in fact, 32 years old. This is not acceptable. I used to be fun! I used to have time to be fun before I got tired!

A beer is also not dinner, no matter if it was free in the vendor hall. I should remedy that somehow.

I skipped the keynote this morning, because while I think Lee Rainie is very interesting and Pew presents some unique statistics, I’ve heard him keynote twice in the past year, and I think if I give him a brief break before hearing him again it’ll do us both credit. I also skipped the morning sessions in general, the first because I was getting out of the shower after a lovely “I needed some sleep” morning and the second because, well, I was hungry and people were going to lunch. We followed last year’s Lunch 2.0 path and, defying the spirit of Lunch 2.0, went to the same Italian restaurant which was, again, quite good.

I’ve blogged the afternoon sessions here, as you can see, and I was, as always, pleased and invigorated by the content of this conference. Bravo, ITI and presenters! I love it when you make a conference worth my time and energy by providing good content.

Greg Schwartz and Meredith FarkasMore than the content, though, I had a great time today talking to people who entertain, challenge, and interest me. People I would never get to see face-to-face without conferences like these. (Which makes it all the more entertaining that I spent the vendor reception talking to four other SUNY librarians, and the ever-patient Anna Creech who listened to us talk endlessly about local issues without ever getting annoyed.)

The highlight of the day was the LSW presentation, though. Watching Griffey sit next to me diligently trying to subvert the LSW chat room… well. The whole thing was fun, if it did provoke a feeling in me that there was a crowd of librarians behind us saying to themselves “What? Why? Who are you young rascals, anyway?” We’re the future, that’s what.

The weirdest moment of the day was when Rudy told me that I’m in the latest issue of CiL. Uh, what? I… what?!

Why, hello, me

Well, then. I guess it’s a good thing I’m actually blogging the conference, or that’d be embarrassing…


  1. Undoubtedly, your orbitting satellite of readership will want the text of that blurb enbiggened. Especially the ones still working reference back at the ranch. 😉


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