InfoDooDads on blogging

Some well-presented and clear tips for successful blogging from the authors of InfoDooDads:

  • Mission: What are you trying to accomplish?  DO THAT THING, rather than get all distracted by other stuff.
  • Scheduling:  To keep a blog going, schedule the posting.  Make it a regular task, give people goals… rather than “as you feel like it”, to give readers a sense of regularity and your posters a sense of deadline.
  • Niche: find your corner of the blogosphere, be good at it, and then promote it — and people will come.
  • Promotion: Know your audience and how to reach them.  Are there appropriate listservs? Other blogs? Groups?  Find them, ask permission/read rules about ads, and advertise.
  • Assessment:  Keep track of what’s working.  Get Clicky, Feedburner, etc tell you what you need to know about how your blog’s being read or used.  Does your blogging count? Blogging can lead to more professional scholarship, though it may not be a clear tenure-grabber — and it’s really easy to assess your impact with a blog.  Participation makes impact very clear.
  • Business vs Blogging: Know the following: Do you want to have full freedom of speech?  Do you want independence from your employer?  Do you want to be the organizers and planners, unbound by other criteria? Do you want to be responsible for all expenses and income?

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