Day in the life

6:30: Alarm goes off.
7:03: Climb out of bed, get dressed for running, go to gym. Run. Wonder for fortyseventh time if I have asthma or if I’m really just that out of shape. Decide on out of shape.
8:15: Return home, check email and pet cats.
8:42: Shower, breakfast, dress for work, pack up computer.
9:17: Walk out front door, discover that it’s raining.
9:22: Stop to talk to Drew in his office.
9:28: Arrive my office, drop bag, take keys, head to Tech Services to get mail and empty cart. Talk to Acquisitions clerk about orders just arrived in Arabic language, and how to process/handle/pay invoices.
9:44: Return office with cart, grab blank pad try to go to meeting at music library.
9:45: Am stopped at reference desk to talk with student wanting to donate magazine subscription from his fraternity.
9:47: Go to meeting in music library. Curse rain.
10:00: Discuss budgets and planning and ongoing projects with music librarian. Learn lots about monumental works for composers, about our donors, and about the space planning being done in music library. Very productive discussion, notes are taken, action plan laid out, all is well in our collaborative world.
10:45: Return office, drop notepad, check voice mail. 3 new messages, all non-essential vendors making sales calls.
10:55: Take keys and Diet Pepsi and empty truck out to stacks to weed.
11:10: Power goes out. Lights stop lighting, blowers stop blowing, weeder stops weeding.
11:11: Talk with colleague about potentiality of using ILLIAD for scoping holdings data (rather than WorldCat). Ponder.
11:14: Power comes back on. Continue weeding.
11:47: 7 shelves done, truck full. Return to office, drop off cart, take pulled book cards down to Tech Services for discard.
12:00: Reference shift.
12:05: Start this post.
1:12: Internet goes down. Write down “Answered 20 questions about internet outage” under “Less than 5 minute Technical Question” section of stats sheet. Put up a sign about internet outage.
1:27: Internet comes back up. As I get up to take down the sign, a student stops to actually read the sign. She is the only student in the 25 minute outage to read the sign before complaining and/or demanding to know when the internet will come back.
3:05: Leave reference desk, return to office.
3:10: Attempt to clean desk.
3:15: Fail at cleaning desk. Attempt to sort email.
3:27: Realize have failed at email sorting. Leave office with laptop.
3:40: Settle into nice corner of library study area with laptop, away from distractions in office, and begin sorting email.
5:10: Finish sorting email.
5:40: Finish replying to various emails, calling meetings, and scheduling phonecalls. Decide to go home.
5:41: Realize haven’t put together information for meeting at 9 am. Sigh heavily. Decide to take computer home and finish later tonight.
5:51: Finish this post, and realize that it’s still raining. Sigh heavily again. Decide to order pizza for dinner.
5:52: Hit “publish”, and leave the library.

Librarianship: We Don’t Do It Because It’s Glamorous.


  1. Awesome post. Absolutely awesome.
    What’s so wonderful about it is that the persistence and commitment runs so deep: in yourself, in your work, in your interactions. And that is not the most glamourous of traits, but arguably the most essential. Just like libraries. Like I said, awesome.


  2. Sarah, thank you. I’m rolling ‘persistence’ and ‘commitment’ around in my head, and thinking that they work really well. Yesterday was all about both, for me. Nicely analyzed.


  3. Nice summation of what happens in the day-to-day “reality”. I was especially struck by what happened with your students — why don’t (err…won’t) they read signage? This seems to be such a common occurrence, sadly. So well put…


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