How to?

Stuff on my plate, in the category How To?:

  • How to integrate inventory via barcode scanner into weeding in a way that’s minimally disruptive to public services and technical services lost books processes?
  • How to effectively weed series, cataloged both monographically and serially without increasing cataloging workload unduly?
  • How to manage DVD collection in a way that doesn’t require lots of space behind the circulation counter but prevents theft of discs from the stacks?
  • How to implement EDI as seamlessly as possible into our current acquisitions workflow, given that B&T is our major vendor and word on the street is that we ought not start with them?
  • How to speed up time between check-in and cataloging of new materials without sacrificing cataloging quality or workflow efficiency or staff morale?
  • How to budget for next year — by material type, and then by subject area?  By subject area inclusive of all material types?  Plan for a flat budget and hope for the best?  Plan for a down budget and any overage goes to monographs?  Cut print periodicals, or reduce online databases?  All of the above?  None of the above?  Pour the money into a hole?
  • How to do all of the above while planning for a building construction project that starts in 17 days?

Because, frankly, my brain is consumed by the following:

  • How to move the current periodicals off their current shelves in a 72 hour window before ceiling replacement starts, and find a place to put them?
  • How to pack up everything in my office to clear the work surfaces before construction starts while still maintaining home-office access to crucial files?
  • How to fit all crucial files into home office in tidy and accessible way?
  • How to manage all received new cataloging in technical services if we must also manage all unbound periodicals in the same space?
  • How to best assist technical services staff in adjusting to summer disruption without sacrificing their workflow during our busiest time?

My brain is racing, but the answer is, of course, that it’ll all work out.  Optimism can get you through a lot, and flexibility through the rest.  So here’s to flexible optimism, as my base operating principle for the next 17 days… and beyond.

One comment

  1. While exiting a grocery store here, I noticed a big red vending machine for DVD’s. For a $1 swipe off a credit card, you could check out a DVD, which the machine would disgorge out a slot in the side. The DVD can be returned before the due date in the slot of that or any other store’s big DVD red vending machine. The machine had pictures on its front indicating some of the DVD movie titles available. The selection can’t be that great, but the technology could be useful at a small library. DVD’s on hold could be placed in the machine for patron pickup, and perhaps the machine could be accessed 24 hours a day. When, or more likely if, I get some spare time after the election and some ambition, I will take a close look and blog what I find.


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