stuff I accomplished today

  1. I went to the gym and walked at least a mile (we weren’t counting laps) while talking shop with a friend.  Also, ran a few laps to remind myself that I can and should.
  2. I attended a three hour faculty senate meeting.
  3. I set up the blank spreadsheet templates for our monographic allocation formula and a “what happens if” subject allocation project.
  4. I queried the institutional data guy about the ETA on this year’s departmental FTE/credit hour profiles, for use in the allocation formula.
  5. I made a list of other data sets to acquire for the allocation formula — circ data, book cost data, etc.
  6. I ran the Commitment and Expenditure report in ALEPH, and analyzed our end-of-year position, and reported on same to the Director.
  7. I answered about seventy trillion emails about conference registration, membership, and payment for SUNYLA.
  8. I got caught up on all my librariana blog feeds, chatted with a colleague over IM, and spent a little time reading my twitter feed.
  9. I wrote up a description of the SUNYLA conference knitting lounge, posted it to the blog and the listserv, made a plan to return to the LYS for donations next week, and got the raffle items squared away.
  10. I went to JoAnn fabric and bought the fixin’s for a knitting needle case, to tame the chaos in my home office, and made a plan to go to the midnight showing of Indiana Jones.

So, yeah, the first and last one don’t have much to do with libraries.  And that seems like a great way to start and end a day — my real life.

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