I need a masters degree for this?

I’m sitting at a typing table (and typing!) in the corner of Sue’s office where she has graciously made a space for me during our construction period, busily ignoring the construction noises coming from the lobby and marveling at the amount of time I spend straightening strands of bureaucracy.  So far this morning I have filled out registration forms, corrected other people’s membership forms, date-stamped and filed completed payment forms, faxed registration forms, sent completed membership forms through LAND, responded to emails about resource renewal forms and the deadlines for same, emailed three different people about meeting times and locations after receiving back processed and corrected room reservation forms, and handed off the million page EBSCO renewal form.

So.  Here I am, three hours into my day, and I’ve done nothing but process paperwork and reply to email.  No, wait, that’s not true, I also replied to a SUNY librarian’s web survey on service, as defined by committee work.  My committee work, let me show you it.  Then I attacked another pile of forms.

I know I’m a librarian.  I know this because my title says I am not only a librarian, but a Senior Assistant one, because I am currently sitting in a library, and because some days I actually do stuff that’s unique to libraries.  But other days are like this, when I could be middle-management anywhere in the world, working for any company, doing the same tasks I did this morning.

And, really, that’s okay.  This stuff is just as much a part of my job as anything else I do.  It’s just feeling a little obnoxious this morning.  So I think I’m going to spend my afternoon working on our online resources renewals.  Comparative data analysis and cost-use comparisons might not sound like big fun library-specific work to you, but the results (a better mix of cost-effective online resources for our students to use) are worth it… and I’m enough of a number-crunching geek to think it is, in fact, big fun.

Which is why, despite the paperwork, this particular librarian job is totally worth it for me.

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