Begin the SUNYLA!

Oh, yeah.  It’s here.

Conferences, if you’re involved in planning, are always painful and fantastic. SUNYLA 2008 has begun.

Today’s painful: Organizational growing pains at the registration desk, and the E-board meeting, which is always sort of long and rambly, despite our best efforts. (I’m sitting in it right now. I admit it. I’m only listening with half an ear.)

Today’s fantastic: hiking Stone Valley with some other librarians after a huge thunderstorm blew through yesterday. We had to take a different path than I had planned, due to some dramatically downed power lines, but the other side of the river, though downed as well, was more accessible, and because it has the dam access on it, had been cleared by the power company. It was gorgeous, moving very fast, and definitely an adventure as we climbed over some fallen trees, looped around others, and watched the water just cruise on past us on a gorgeous summer day. And we even talked a bit about librarianship. It was totally professional networking. TOTALLY. Thanks to Gerry, Barbara, and Joanne for going along for the adventure!

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