A Day In The Life: Tuesday

Today started with what can only be called Gym Fail, in that we got up at 7 to go to the gym, only to find that the Field House renovation is 3 weeks overdue, thus preventing us from using the indoor track, and that the fitness center doesn’t open until 9.  (Note: the only people who use the fitness center before 9 during the semester are faculty and staff, so when the campus closes for summer, and the students leave, and the fitness center goes to business-hour operation, who’s disenfranchised? Not the nonexistent students; the faculty and staff who are here all year long.  *sigh*)  So we walked and jogged outside, in the sun, and I was unhappy.

I cured my unhappiness with a bagel with jalapeno cream cheese from the Bagelry, then showered, folded laundry, and got dressed for work. (Flippy linen skirt, gold lame flipflops, and crochet-edged tshirt.)  I made it in by 9:05.

Things to know, Tuesday edition: Due to our construction, the Technical Services staff is working out of a classroom, near the two other classrooms which are currently housing ILL and the Director.  The librarians are in another building, in another classroom, which we call The Bull Pen or the Librarians’ Ward, depending on the day, with eight computers lined up along the walls and one table in the middle where the other laptop-wielding librarian and I set up shop when we need the networked printer or to talk to our colleagues.  At least it’s air-conditioned.  Also, I am the Treasurer of the SUNY Librarians’ Association.  See below.

  • 9:05-9:58: Spent an hour opening and sorting mail, processing invoices, and talking to folks.  One staff member is just back from vacation and wanted to debrief on the past two weeks, I had a question from the secretary about ordering Princeton Files, there was a small confusion over timesheets among Tech Services staff, a small group of staff was discussing our program review process and asked my opinion, etcetera.
  • 9:58-10:20: Time to be the SUNYLA Treasurer.  Reconciled SUNYLA bank statements against Quicken, and entered recent payment transactions, mainly conference expenses.
  • 10:20: Paused to acquire Diet Coke and talk to Acq clerk about holdings checking on juvenile materials given the newly formed Literacy Center library.  Started this post.
  • 10:35: Back to SUNYLA stuff.  Processing memberships; there were a boatload in my mailbox today.  I guess the new membership form is working!  (I did get one two forms that had been printed off the web, filled out in pen, and mailed.  Is this obstreperousness from someone who doesn’t like web forms, or is it pure misunderstanding based on a sense that forms are things you print and fill out?  I wonder, and I cannot guess.)  I discovered a new SUNY.  Well, it’s not new, it’s just that I hadn’t heard of them:  SUNY Rockland.  I hope I can be forgiven in that they’re 300 miles away and outside of my sector (I’m at a comprehensive; they’re a community college).  In any case, Hey, Look, SUNY Rockland!
  • 11:00: Quicken part done; now forwarding registration emails for all paid memberships to Membership Chair.  Send email to Logan and Emily passing on the note of thanks written at the bottom of one of the forms, since they were the ones who did the work to make the web form take shape.  I just said “Yes, please, good idea, thank you.”  Put paper forms that need to go to Emily into LAND.  Fill out deposit slip for membership checks, and print and pay last outstanding Conference invoice (that I have).
  • 11:20: Begin researching some sort of donation form for non-profits.  We had a request from local vendors who made donations for a receipt-type-thing.  We do not have such a thing.  I used Word to find a template, which I then tweaked based on local needs and info on the IRS site re: 501c6 organizations, and then printed it to .pdf and sent the .pdf to the people who requested the form.
  • 11:50: Printed renewal forms for online resources from various consortia for signature and faxing.  Emailed WALDO with new online resource orders, and forwarded final negotiations email from one vendor to WALDO.  Email faculty member asking how the office-clean out is going, and does she need my/the libraries’ help?
  • 12:05: Started to print CCDA funding forms, which require that I use Internet Explorer.  They also require that I send in three signed copies of a form, signed in blue ink.  I shouldn’t be surprised by the IE requirement.  Realize that there are so many frames and scroll wheels that I cannot be sure what’s printing without looking at the output.
  • 12:12: Tidied up the borrowed workspace I’ve been using and headed across campus to the Ward to pick up all the printing I was doing, and try again with the CCDA forms.  Stop on the way to talk to Tech Services staff member about a SUNY listserv offer of Princeton files, to be shipped via LAND.  Go talk to Director about serendipity of this offer in light of earlier need to order some, return, ask Sue to request ‘as many as they want to give us.’
  • 12:24: Arrive Bull Pen.  Chat about LibGuides with two colleagues.  Begin attempting to print.
  • 12:48: Printing: Success.  I spend a few moments cursing the combination of Javascript printing, IE-only access, buttons off the bottom of the screen, strangely placed scrollbars, and fixed-size pop-up windows that are this application.
  • 12:50: Print last batch of data from campus offices for allocation formula; file in briefcase for use later.  Collect other oddments of printing from networked printer.  Check to-do list.  I am rockin’ today.
  • 12:52: Begin downloading and installing ALEPH v18 DEV.  We go live sometime in early August, so I should check out DEV before the systems librarian sends me the PROD client.  In the midst of transferring install file from shared drive, find and print email for colleague looking for our standing order list for Juvenile award books.  Continue installing ALEPH.  While the ALEPH installer locked up my computer to anything else, I discussed juvenile standing orders with the librarian working on revamping our juvenile lit collection.
  • 1:15: Back over to the Director’s office to fax a vendor renewal form, and mail some SUNYLA invoices.
  • 1:30: Home for lunch
  • 2:30: Back to work, in my living room, feet on coffee table.  Fiddled with LibGuides a bit, looked at other peoples’ LibGuides.  Made no major decisions about our LibGuides implementation, but enjoyed the looking and the idea-gathering.
  • 3:20: Email maintenance.  Read the year’s project plan from our shelving managers, sent email reply with stakeholder feedback in role as Collection Development Coordinator.  Read some listserv mail, deleted others.
  • 3:42: Started creating document to guide Collection Development Committee meeting on Thursday.
  • 3:52: Decided an agenda would be a good thing for the CDC meeting to have.  Composed. Sent.
  • 4:05: Stopped fiddling with document for our meeting and returned to working on the allocation formula, which was nearly finished on Friday, needing only one last piece of data which I received yesterday.
  • 5:22: Decided I’ve gotten as far as I can on the allocation formula without meeting with the CDC to discuss off-the-top funds, and so stop obsessively tweaking the spreadsheet, and call it a day.

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