Day in the Life: Wednesday

Some days offset others.  Today’s a day in need of some offset.  Mentally blurry, physically achy, and generally not at the top of my game.  Still, got a bunch of stuff checked off the list — I just didn’t have much fun doing it.

8:45: putting cream cheese on a bagel, looking for my wedding ring, tying the bow on my wrap dress, jamming hair into a bun using little chopstick things, and searching for appropriate shoes, then checking online calendar to find out where on campus 9:00 meeting is.  Run out the door, still eating bagel.

9:00:  Meeting of librarians and director to discuss federated search technology.  Consensus?  Never.  Opinions?  Absolutely. (Also, I was on time, morning chaos notwithstanding!)

9:28: Rush out of meeting early to go to doctor’s appointment at 9:30.  Fortunately, it’s only about a half mile from campus.

10:05: Return to campus, head to Tech Services workroom.  Sort mail.

10:10: Fiddle with the lockable DVD case samples that came in.  Can’t figure out how to make one of them work, solicit help and opinions from the Acq clerk and our copy cataloger, both of whom offer brilliant insights about the project that really should have occurred to me but didn’t.  Neither of them has much to do with DVDs, so I probably wouldn’t have asked them if the stupid plastic bits hadn’t gotten the better of me.  Which would have been a mistake.  Go talk to one of our building supervisors about setting up a meeting to discuss the DVD options.

10:25:  Start talking with Acq clerk and copy-cataloger about orders, budget years, Arabic materials, and then… other stuff.  Let’s call it “checking in with staff morale.”  It matters, even if there’s no practical application.  People need to be heard, and I need to hear what they have to say.

11:10:  Leave for home.

11:20: Gather up to-do lists scribbled on post-it notes and get laptop hooked up to desk cables.  Check email.  Check voicemail.  Check FriendFeed and Twitter and Bloglines.  Play my turn in a game of Scrabulous with a faculty member on Facebook.  Make plan via email to go look at a puppy with a friend after work. (Puppy is not for Clan Urbanek, but hey, puppy!)

12:05: Start this post.

12:08:  Write equipment request to Director asking for new desk chair, based on doctor’s order from this morning.  Send via email.  Notice new faculty email; reply re: gift books and requests for fall semester.  Review list, and forward requests to Acq clerk.

12:25: Resume work on document re: budgeting for tomorrow’s CDC meeting.  Decide I need circ reports for various collections to facilitate discussion; begin hacking at ALEPH’s reports module.  Landlord and his super-cute redheaded daughter show up to mow the lawn; I close the window and turn on some music.  (Tori Amos, Scarlet’s Walk)

12:40: After three failed attempts, I gave up on finding the correct ALEPH report and sent an email to a few colleagues asking for details on our in-house-use tracking process, hoping to get some insight into how to get the data back out of ALEPH.

12:47: Back to document editing, sans statistics.

1:15: Finish document draft. Break for lunch and household chores.

2:20: Back at it.  Updated my fall calendar with the newly posted reference schedule, checked email.  Read library-land blogs. Read (parts of) the most recent Cites & Insights.

3:20:  Produced more data reports for CDC meeting, this time looking at subject breakdowns among our many funds.  Periodicals is easy; we have fund codes in ALEPH to represent each subject area, and each journal is assigned to a fund.  Online resources… not so easy.  Who gets how much of the cost of JSTOR?

3:50: Frustrated by the whole project, and by my lack of a printer, which might make the thing easier, I give up for today.  Check email, see answer to question re: in-house-use, and try to fix that one, instead.

4:20: Success on in-house-use stats!  Huzzah! Having finished with circ stats, and now completely tired and feeling seriously achy in my sore shoulder, I’m calling it a day, so…

I hit “Publish”

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