Day in my life: Thursday

Spent my morning (7:30-9) doing a bit of yoga, showering, cleaning the catbox, folding laundry, and tidying the living room (all during a crashing summer downpour), then making a bagel with cream cheese and heading to my office.

9:00: Read news on my iGoogle page, checked in on the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and Educause.  Ate my bagel.  NPR’s Morning Edition was running in the background as I read.  Apparently, I even multitask my news.

9:45: Turned off NPR, put on a mix of Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Browne, C,S,N,&Y, and the Eagles. Checked my email.  Interesting message from the director about building use in the past academic year (it’s on the rise!) and an equally interesting message from the college president about changes to our semester-opening events.  He’s making the events more inclusive, which is fantastic.  He’s also canceling the free breakfast for faculty, which I can live with.  Was very proud to see that SUNYLA is going to try to do organized carpooling for our fall tech conference.  That’s a smart, conscientious decision that has an environmental benefit and possibly a significant economic one for conference attendees.

10:00: Wrote up procedures for technical services staff for our Arabic Cataloging project, on which we are partnering with SUNY Binghamton.  That’s the beauty of a system as big as ours; SOMEONE is always guaranteed to know what you need to know or have the skills you need to have.

10:40: Replied to several emails from yesterday.  Did organizational work on new project for start-up funding for new tenure-track faculty, emailed response, read reply email, fixed up spreadsheet.

11:23:  Made list of documents to print as committee fodder before meeting at 2.  Realized I had detail work to finish on one of them before then.  Got to work on it.

11:35: Tested emailed access to campus CMS; my account is working, and faculty senate pages are all available to me.  Emailed admin with a thumbs up message, and added “edit facsen pages” to my to-do list for early next week.

11:45: Double-checked calendar to be sure known fall commitments are in place — personal and professional — before the slew of meeting requests starts.  Updated my reference schedule, my faculty senate schedule, and wondered about what time to choose for the Collection Development monthly meetings.

11:56: My mom calls.  Break for lunch and mom.

12:48: Pack up my computer and notebooks and head to campus.

1:00:  Stop in Technical Services to get my mail, talk for a bit with a staff member about all and sundry.

1:30: Journey across campus to the Ward to kill a tree in preparation for collection development meeting.  Spend considerable time killing trees with spreadsheets and word docs and etcetera, all the while talking with a few colleagues about the pros and cons of Gmail and Yahoo!Mail.

2:00:  Hand out dead trees to committee members.  Begin discussing various agenda items.  After much spirited discussion of the first half of the agenda, I call the meeting adjourned at 2:59, declaring the second half postponed until a meeting I will schedule for next week (sometime!), leaving the committee with a plea to “think about it, so we can finish up next week.”

3:00:  Walk very briskly across campus with Ed, talking about vacations, as I rush to get to my second afternoon meeting, knowing I will arrive several minutes late.  Meet.  Discuss program review self-study.  Laugh a lot with colleagues and director as we talk about complicated and difficult and interesting truths about our workplace.  Best quote of the day:  Alex’s exhortation that we need to be more like Denmark. (You had to be there.)

4:25:  Leave work, talk about Dark Knight with Alex as we walk toward parking lot.

And then I came home and picked up Drew and we went to the grocery store, made dinner, and I talked on the phone to my best friend for an hour (she’s pregnant!  woo!) before checking my personal email and then emailing with the my Internet Librarian preconference team for a bit.  This library gig is an all-hours kind of thing.  And so that’s why I’m hitting “submit” right … about… now.

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