Good morning, it’s Friday

I stayed up late last night reading an Elizabeth George novel (A Place of Hiding, and, yes, I’ve already been spoiled on The Big Thing that happens in the next one), so this morning came begrudgingly.  Fortunately, today is a half day for me due to the fact that we have family plans downstate at 8, which take us 4 hours to get to, and errands to run in Syracuse, so I’m taking half a vacation day.

8:15:  Checking calendar, updating to-do list, checking email.

8:45:  Over to the doctor for my last appointment of the week.  Shoulder is moderately better, which is a bonus.

9:45:  To the bank to make SUNYLA deposit.

10:10:  Home again, sat down to finish the bindery proposal I’ve been working on off and on.  I forgot I called a meeting of Technical Services Team Leaders on Monday to discuss it, so I need to finish and distribute it to them ASAP, with my apologies for the short review window.  Also, ate toast: one piece with cream cheese, one piece with lemon curd.  Yum.

10:15: Am pleased to realize that I made more progress on the bindery thing than I thought — I’ve finished the sections for Background, Description, Contribution to Mission, and Stakeholders.  I just need to do Impact on Other Activities, Implementation Process, and the cost analysis.  Awesome.

10:40: Surf library blogs, news sites, and check my email.

11:00: Start work on CCDA application.

11:26: Find and/or identify source of data needed for forms, and put sticky note on front of packet to remind me of what’s left to do on Monday.

11:30: I’m adjourning to the sofa with a pile of catalogs and bibliographies to do a bit of selection (and rest my bad shoulder) before lunchtime, when I will head off to the wilds of the Carousel Center Apple Store, my in-laws, and then the Sterling Renaissance Festival.

Enjoy your weekends!

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