Staying in touch

When I separated out my personal and professional blogging, I made a few deals with myself.  One was that I wasn’t going to let my personality get wiped from the professional blog, another was that I wouldn’t let the professional side languish, and another was that I would try to keep the aimless posting to a minimum on the professional blog.

In a busy week like this one has been, in which my personal blog has been filled with aimless whining, online shopping lists, and commentary on how much work it is to move a married couple to a new rental, I haven’t had much to say about work.  I’ve been too busy doing it to write about it.  But in keeping with my three agreements above, I wanted to perk this place up.  So here’s what I’ve been doing in other (public) online spaces this week:

  • Watching other SUNY librarians adjust to the first week of classes on Twitter.  (HockeyLibrarian, BillDrew4, Logan105, and DisobedientLib are just a few of my SUNY tweeps.)
  • Watching my faculty colleagues’ statuses change on Facebook as they adjust to the first week of classes.  It’s both amusing and useful; it helps me take the pulse of campus, and understand the mental state of a segment of our user population.  Lots of Good Karma being passed around as a coping tactic, and there’s an invite circulating for a set of great SUNY Potsdam community bands playing at the local Moroccan restaurant/bar tomorrow night.  Also, playing Scrabble with my college roommate.  Who lives in Washington, DC.  Considering that we only get to chat once a month or so, on her cab ride home from her law office, I relish these small ways of staying connected.
  • FriendFeed.  A friend said this morning that “your social networking habit has gotten so big that you need a new site to aggregate it for you?”  Well, in a sense, yes.  In another sense, it’s a time-saver: I can monitor online activity from a cross-section of people in one place, and that’s extremely convenient.  This week I’ve run across some interesting commentary via blog posts on the Ithaka study, seen a lot of “Wow!”ing of Ubiquity, and been totally amazed by the way that a small online community of internet-friends came together to help out a sick dog.  It internet?  Is COOL.

And now I’m going to go back to fund allocations, emails to faculty, and LibGuides work, and then a long weekend of UHauls, boxes, and helpful friends.  See you all on the other side of the holiday!

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