it’s all relative, until it comes back

Every year I get a little bit older, and our incoming freshman get a little bit younger.  This is my fifteenth straight September spent on a college campus, which means I’ve seen fifteen incoming freshmen classes.  They, now, finally make me feel old.  I’m 32.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I just saw a student reading a magazine in our lobby and thought, “that is a seriously cute top.  I wonder where she got it?” and then realized that she was wearing said cute top (an embroidered linen tunic-y thing) with leggings.


I remember the last time women wore leggings regularly.  I was 12ish.

They didn’t need to come back.

This makes me, I think, officially old, as I now remember “the first time” of a fashion trend that’s resurfaced.  I am also officially young, as I am, with one exception, the youngest member of our 20+ person staff, and the youngest librarian by a decent stretch.

Age, it seems, is relative.  But those kids are really young.


  1. Wait until you meet children of alums that you knew as undergrads. You can officially feel old then. As far as fashion, my wife tells me I have no fashion sense which explains why she helps me buy my cloths.


  2. 32 isn’t old! this is my 12th straight year (I think) on an academic campus and I do think they are getting younger. Of course I thought that when I was still in undergrad 🙂


  3. What makes me feel old is thinking about the movies that each new class is younger than. This year’s frosh were born after the release of Tim Burton’s Batman, Driving Miss Daisy, and — worst of all — the last decent Indiana Jones movie.

    Jim (celebrating his 14th straight year on or near an academic campus)


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