I hate my inbox

My pet peeves for this morning are two, and it’s not even 9:30 yet.

1.  When an organization has bylaws and a paper trail of past decisions in accordance with those bylaws, arguing a point based on “how you remember it” does not negate the existence of the governing document. I have literally dozens of emails in my inbox in which several smart, capable, and busy members of our faculty are debating an issue that is not an issue, because they all remember it differently.  Regardless of the presentation of documented data by the elected officials of the group, this issue won’t die, presumably because the interested parties trust their recollections more than the documentation.

2.  People don’t seem to care to understand the difference between “reply to sender” and “reply to list” in email.  When someone asks for you to reply off-list for, say, a vote, please try to do so!

Both of these — minor issues, at best — highlight one major point that bears remembering.  It doesnt matter how much technology you throw at communication patterns, because until people learn to communicate effectively, the technology just facilitates ineffective communication.

Back to my email, now.  What other wonders will I discover therein?

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