A cranky list

Things With Which I Am Running Out Of Patience:

  • Careless illiteracy on the internet from people whom I know to be better educated and more capable than they are portraying themselves as.  It just feels like they’re not trying.
  • Lengthy listserv screeds purporting to be an apology or an argument but which are simply a new way to avoid the validity of the criticisms leveled.  Librarians are particularly bad about this, and it’s one of the reasons I unsubscribed from NewLib and NexGenLib without remorse.
  • Quibbling about the right of a campus administrative body to do its own job.  Were it your job, you could quibble.  Tis not your job, therefore…
  • My own ability to procrastinate around boring tasks.  I have now scheduled my days from here to mid-October with tasks in one hour blocks, since I seem to be currently incapable of doing the boring bits without extra prodding.
  • Being afraid of our constituents.  We have limited time, staff, and funding, and we do damn good work with what we have.  The fact that we cannot do more is something I refuse to be ashamed of, and I will happily explain it to whoever asks.  What I will not do is hide from reality.
  • Reference desk shifts, at least, the boring ones.  In two hours and 13 minutes, I’ve answered 3 questions.  There must be a better way to either market this service, or to use my time.
  • Campus construction projects.  ‘Nuff said.
  • VHS.  Vendors need to stop producing VHS, like, yesterday, so that I may stop needing to decline to buy them, like, now.
  • Email.  My inbox is up to 600+ messages, and that makes me a sad panda.  I had weeded down to 460 on Friday, but for some reason people keep trying to communicate with me.  Crazy talk, that.
  • The slowness of the arrival of my new office chair.  A) I want my new chair because Yay! New Chair! but B) my shoulder really hurts and the PT says the adjustability of the new chair will help.  In sum, plz deliver my chair now, kthanxbye.
  • Mondays.  I do not approve of Mondays.
  • The failure of campus food service to stock my favorite kind of tortilla chips at the nacho bar.  I do not like Frito-esque yellow corn chips.  Please see to this.

As you can see, I am totally rational about all of these things.  This has been a very rough semester start, for a plethora of reasons, and today?  Today I think I just need a nap.  And some nachos.  And maybe to unsubscribe from some more listservs.

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