a community of collectors

I’ve spent today in a conference room at SUNY IT, in Utica, NY.  I also have a stupidly awful head cold, making me feel like misery spread thinly on toast.  But it’s been a great day, because I spent it with a dozen colleagues from around SUNY, discussing our very baby-steps cooperative collection development project.  I love this group of people.  For all our myriad differences, we understand each other.  We speak the same language.  We don’t need to explain our jargon or our assumptions.  We care about unique issues that other librarians don’t even notice.  And we got to spend a day sitting in a room, laughing and talking and debating and arguing.  And, as Lynne put it, we each learned something that’s going to make us walk out of here thinking that the whole day was worth it.

We also accomplished some of the work of the group, setting some deadlines and framing up a few projects and tasks, and choosing talking points to report back to the Powers That Be.

I have to say that getting work done and immersing myself in my tribe at the same time is truly fantastic.

Also, I hate this head cold.  Ugh.

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