CUFTS for open source ERM

Andy Perry, SUNY New Paltz
Bill Drew, TC3

CUFTS is an open source serials management system, including public A-Z lists, DOI, ERM, and a suite of other services.  Developed at Simon Fraser University, but many instances are installed worldwide.  Libraries can join the hosted central instance or download and install the open-source free version.  And Andy does not know what the acronym stands for.  🙂

CUFTS is building a comprehensive knowledge base, updated monthly and distributed by the central instance.  Each local instance points to the global instance but can have unique local resources.  CUFTS can accommodate batch ISSN uploads to handle ‘custom’ resource sets like the SUNY ScienceDirect package.

CUFTS A-Z list is highly customizable, and provides user accounts, user tagging, and good public access to serials data.

CUFTS has an e-resource comparison feature which is free on the SFU instance for anyone to use.

CUFTS2MARC provides MARC or XML output for titles in e-resource aggregations, including options for mapping holdings data to 500-599 tags.  Compare to the high charge for this service from most vendors…

CUFTS is also associated with other open-source initiatives, including a citation linker, federated search product, etc.

The big questions and issues:

  • CUFTS is a big system.  It scales more effectively for a consortium than for an individual library.
  • How to make it fit with our partial implementation of Serials Solutions 360 Core and Link
  • Once the data is all there, how do we use it effectively to get rid of the other shadow systems we’re using to manage data?
  • What kinds of reports do we actually need?  Or want?

The probable NYS partner will be NYLINK, due to resource restraints within SUNY; Andy and Bill are looking for partners — participants, tech support, etc — as they push this pilot forward.


  1. Typo in the post. It is Simon Fraser University (as in the explorer), not a bad spelling of Dr Frasier Crane. 😉


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