The catch-phrase most heard amongst my social network at Internet Librarian was “managing your online identity”, both in seriousness and a series of increasingly absurd jokes.  Jason Griffey** and I were talking about Google searches, and his intention to keep himself in the first page of results for a search for “Griffey”.  We didn’t have wifi at that moment, but I said I hadn’t searched plain vanilla “Jenica” in a while, so I didn’t know where I would fall.  I have wifi right now, and am procrastinating, so I checked.

Top 5, apparently.  Color me impressed.  You too could be this world-reknowned, if only you had an obsure Romanian name.  (No, I’m not Romanian; WASP/Italian, married Polish. My mom liked the name. Drew and I say that “Jenica Urbanek” is a Romanian spy.  YOU NEVER KNOW.)

And that is all.  Vanity searching FTW.

**At this very moment, this link takes you to pictures of Eliza wearing a bat costume.  This is awesome.


  1. My twitter shows up in the top six, of all things. My personal blog is further down. I always like doing these vanity searches to find out what “alter ego’s” I could possibly claim. Like the hairstylist in Bakersfield, California who cuts hair for $35 a pop. Or the journalist for Forbes, the author from Harlem, an R&B singer…way cooler Carleens’. Manging your online identity is a little easier when you have an obscure name. Or maybe harder, depending on how you manage it. :-p


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