A day in the life, random Monday

Morning: Up at 6:45, to gym for morning walk/jog, to chiropractor for chronic neck thing, home, shower, stop at co-op for a few things for dinner, to work.

9:45: Check mail.  Start logging into computer.

10:05: Computer is finally up, running, and has launched email, browser, and calendar.  Observers are pleased to note that the librarian has refrained from breaking the slow computer, and instead used the time to check voice mail, take a call from a vendor, and leave a voice mail for a faculty member.

10:06-11:  Email.  Lots of book requests coming in from faculty in light of November 1 spending benchmark, so lots to print, cross-check, and generally triage into my workflow.  Update to-do list on whiteboard.  Begin crafting email response to faculty member with questions about CD policy.

11-11:30: Meeting to review Arabic cataloging with Systems Librarian (who needed to tweak ALEPH) and Lead Cataloging Clerk(who patiently reminds me what all the MARC tags are for when I forget).  Decide that outsourced cataloging, overall, looks good, but discover a few glitches that I will follow up with, requiring that I find the Memorandum of Understanding to clarify which things were whose responsibility.  Decide to write response after all final linking and processing is done, in case workflow clarifies the issues we found on our first pass.

11:30-1:  Long lunch with my husband and some friends.  A nice break from a morning that had felt pretty non-stop.

1-3: Continue email conversation with colleague about managing distance learning funding, print and organize more faculty materials requests, start collecting agenda items for tomorrow’s Collection Development Committee meeting, run several ALEPH ordering reports and begin smoothing them out in Excel, finish email to faculty in re: CD policy, read a few new blog posts that pop up on FriendFeed, chat with two different faculty members who stop by my office, and bring more orders down to circulation desk for student workers to do holdings checks on.

3-6: Reference desk.  So far, I’ve helped a student use Interlibrary Loan, directed another across campus to find out about unique printing capabilities, searched endlessly for demographic data on Kars, Turkey, showed a student how to use Academic Search Premier far more successfully than she had managed on her own, triaged the printers, and redirected a few photocopier questions.  I’ve also built and emailed the agenda for our CDC meeting, printed and reviewed the workflow document for tomorrow’s Technical Services Team meeting, and started making ordering decisions on materials requests that have been checked for SUNY-wide holdings.  I hope to also finish the ALEPH report I ran earlier and print copies for our CDC meeting tomorrow, and, if I get a chance, to tackle the database statistics spreadsheet the adjunct has been clamoring for.

6-6:30: Tidy up any loose ends, and go home!

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