oh yeah, it’s a library “science”

Because in the sciences it’s totally okay to blow the concept of peer review out of the water in service of being trendy, right?  I roll my eyes.  For those not yet following along at home, some links:

The problem:

Journal of Access Services 5:4

The blowback, and only the parts that show up in my FriendFeed as of 3:20pm.  I’m certain there’s more:

Apparently Annoyed Anonymous Bloggers can get published in peer-reviewed journals

Officially Annoyed

Being Annoyed with out Being Annoying

Professionally Annoyed
Ridiculous.  Frustrating.  Stupid.  I want it to be some kind of joke that we just missed the punchline on.  Barring that, I can’t wait to hear what Haworth has to say for themselves; I hope they have some excuse for their blatant disregard of their own editorial policies other than “don’t people love the AL? Now they’ll love us, too!”


  1. I must wonder if AL is laughing his/her self to death in his/her mother’s basement? Clearly the publishers thought this was a “new voice” in the field, when in fact it may very well not be someone officially working in the field, but instead lobbing cow patties from outside it.


  2. I wonder if the AL is laughing at us all, too. My frustration, as I think more about it, is that if Haworth thought this was a good way to shake things up or showcase dissenting voices from the fringe, they’re doing neither. The AL was far more interesting and relevant a year ago, and if that’s the best voice from the fringe they could find, they’re looking in all the wrong places.

    It’s just sad, on a lot of fronts.


  3. Haworth is the publisher – I think we need to be asking questions of the editors and editorial board. What were they thinking? I really expected an intro from the editors – not a guest editor – and essay on making exceptions to their standards/rules for submission/publication.


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