O’Grady’s a new option

I’m probably not going to Computers in Libraries this year, for the first time in about 6 years.  The budget’s on lockdown, I went to Monterey for Internet Librarian, my own skill set has moved past the conference’s overall utility, and I’m not presenting… so, uh, probably not, sad as that makes me.  If anything, I’ll pony up for airfare to visit friends in DC and swing by to LobbyCon a bit.  Maybe.

However, if I want to go, I’m super-well-informed, as I got four copies of the program in my mailbox today.  They were addressed to:

  • Jenica Rogers, Coll Dev Coord
  • Rogers-Urbanek, Jenica, Coll Dev Coord and Tech Srvcs Lib
  • Jenica Rogers-Urbanek, Collection Dev Coord
  • Jenica O’Grady, Coll Dev Coord

Someone needs to do a little database clean-up, yes?


  1. Heh. That’s funny. I will be going to CiL, but that may be it for me for some time — unless, like you, I do some vacation-time lobbyconning.


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