LibraryDayInTheLife: Tuesday

So, Tuesday… started off like Monday, with a 6:15 wakeup, gym at 7… but I managed about a mile of walking before I went and laid down on the wrestling mats under the bouldering alcove and did some stretches.  I just hurt all over, particularly my bad shoulder.  Home by 8, let my husband shower first, meandered through breakfast, waited for my painkillers to kick in… and emailed the library’s secretary that I was taking half a sick day.  Back to sleep I went, but got up to go to work for my 1 pm meeting.

1:00:  Chaired meeting of Ad-Hoc Resource Sharing Working Group, which is charged both with exploring innovative (and likely radical) ideas about resource sharing and with planning the Libraries’ staff retreat in May on these topics.  The group is broadly constituted, with our Distance Learning, ILL, and Acquisitions staff all represented (and Collection Development, which is me).  We’re pretty ideas-in-a-cloud right now, but we’re all engaged, contributing, and interested, so I’m constantly fascinated by it.  I have no idea where this will end up, but as I said to the group today, I appreciate their willingness to think big and weird, and I believe that so long as we can get ourselves and our colleagues thinking about these things — whether we change anything right now, or not — so long as we’re thinking, we’re making progress.

1:45:  Talked with some coworkers about various ways that our Distance Learning Coordinator could teach a class in Watertown tomorrow, remotely — she’d been planning to be there for the class, but since it’s supposed to be another Snowpocalypse tomorrow, she’s trying to come up with a tele-conference way to do it.  I think we thought of a few solutions — Stickam, Skype, and Jing all came up.

1:55:  Tested conference speaker phone/MacBook/GarageBand set-up in our classroom.  I need to record some conference calls tomorrow afternoon, and I needed to be sure my tech worked in advance.  I used the Star Trek-lookin’ speaker phone to call my cell phone, went into the other room, talked to my computer through the speaker, hung up, and came back… and the recording is great.  And easy.  Hooray, technology that just works.

2:20:  Email, wah wah the email.  Search Committee, 360 Counter, Faculty Senate.  Talked with our archivist about the disposition of some gifts, and the optimal number of service copies of our campus yearbooks.

3:00:  Home early, as I still feel miserable.

So it was a short day… but I got done that which absolutely needed to be done here and now.

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