Library Day In The Life: Wednesday

No gym on Wednesdays, because I always have 8:30 meetings.  Despite an impending Snowpocalypse and still having a raging sinus headache and feeling generally awful, I made it to work by 8:20, retrieved my laptop, and went downstairs for two back-to-back meetings.

8:30:  Reference training meeting.  Reference Coordinator did some demos and led discussion of a few of our interesting but less in-your-face resources, like Environment Index, Child Care and Early Education Research Connections, etc.  Various folks updated on various projects, and in the midst of it I used Twitter to ask Carleen at JCC  about the weather down there, because our Distance Learning Cooridinator was concerned about the Snowpocalpyse and the survivability of driving down for an information literacy workshop for a class.  Because Twitter is awesome, and Carleen helpful, I got an answer back very quickly, and was able to share the information in a way that was both timely and possibly life-saving.  🙂

9:30:  Canceled second meeting — a Collection Development Committee meeting to do a refresher training on how to do inventory with the portable scanner, and how to run the circulation-by-fund-code report — due to inadvertent double-booking of the librarian who was going to do the training.  Rescheduled for next week.

9:40:  Email.  Printed lots of stuff for Faculty Senate and conference calls.

10:00:  Several ILL articles have arrived, so I printed them.  One of them… well.  Student scanning technicians are sometimes not detail-oriented.  So I took that one down to ILL, and asked Glen if he could bounce my request back into the queue, since what I was sent was unusable.  No problem.  Picked up a requested book at the circ desk, then back to my office.

10:15:  More email, plus my daily Bloglines, Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed check-ins.  Communicated with the catering office about a Faculty Senate event, emailed a consortial buying agency about my thumbs-up appraisal of their new blog, printed receipts for a SUNYLA reimbursement, and drafted an email to a student seeking an internship.  Updated Faculty Senate website.

11:30:  Wandered about the halls hoping to find several other librarians to talk to about the student internship.  Found two of the three, chatted, tried to firm up plans.  Bumped into two more colleagues who were doing an impromptu Stickam demo, and hung around for a minute to watch.  Nifty.

11:50:  Decided that eating lunch would be smart.  Boots, parka, scarf, mittens, as well as laptop and ID, and I headed off to Becky’s Place to spend some quality time with campus wireless, a cafe booth, and a sandwich.

12:00: Me and a grilled roast-beef panini settle into a booth with Managing Outsourcing in Library and Information Services.  Professional reading goes down better with a little lunch.

12:30:  Still in my booth, I chat up a faculty member and then start scheduling meetings with the Tech Services Team Leaders to discuss ideas being floated by another colleague, replying to further emails in re: catering for Faculty Senate, and taking notes on long term planning ideas for Technical Services.

1:00: Still in my booth.  Liking it over here today.  Updated my campus web page to reflect the changes to my liaison responsibilities, worked on the narrative portions of my tenure application, and made lists of documents that I need to compile in print.

1:45: Back to the library.  Prepping for afternoon conference calls.  Gathering up more received ILL articles.  Phone call from vendor.  Email about faculty senate, internships, and collection development documentation on the wiki.

3:00: First of two afternoon conference calls, which I am recording for the benefit of any committee members who cannot attend the meetings.

3:40:  Talked with colleague about her process for managing library interns.  Talked with faculty member about our institutional repository and how it might be useful to him for the grant he’s just applied for in support of formalized undergraduate research partnerships.

4:15:  Second conference call.

5:00:  Back to my office with speakerphone and laptop in tow.  Paused at the foot of the stairs to waylay my boss as she tried to leave for the day, updating her on conversation about institutional repository, and about intern situation. Actually went to office, and sent email to campus Blackboard administrator, asking for a course for my committee so we can share sound files. Checked email, checked blogs, checked voicemail.  Made notes on my whiteboard about to-dos, and wrote this.

5:30:  All done!  Going home, in the snow…


  1. I’m glad they’re interesting, and I hope lots of LIS students read the many, many post going up this week — the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be!


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