Librarian Day In The Life: TGIF

6:30: Up.

7:00: Gym.

8:00:  Home.

8:30:  Work from sofa for a bit: Organizing documents from yesterday’s Faculty Senate meeting, checking email, gathering addresses for several packages I need to mail, burning data onto CDs, gathering up latest SUNYLA bank statements and tax documents, consolidating two SUNYLA deposits into one.

9:30: Out to the real world.  Bank, to drop off personal deposit and SUNYLA deposit.  Post office, to mail CD of files and cover letter to editor I’m working with (and to mail two romance novels to a friend who begged for them, as her husband has told her no more book buying until she reads what she has already, but she reeeeaaaally wants to read the latest Julia Quinn duet, and as a librarian I feel it is my duty to promote reading, and gladly share my trashy novels with those in need).  Stop to buy bagels for the weekend, and also my breakfast.

10:20:  To my office.  Email.  Voice mail.  Bloglines and FriendFeed.  Chat with a colleague about her vacation plans, and assure her that I can schedule important committee projects around her absence. Compose email to collection development committee about in-house use, and the value of recording such data, and our new capacity to be much more granular about it, and encourage consideration of the issues before our meeting in 2 weeks.

10:45:  Sorted through catalog pages which I had ripped out in weeks previous and put in my “to review and sort” file, highlighting 20-30 books to check for acquisitions.

11:00: Brief meeting with a faculty member who stopped by my office, starting with something more library related but ending on music, itunes, and the copyright implications of file sharing.

11:20:  Email, then down to the Learning and Teaching Excellence Center, which is on our 1st floor, and with whom we share our classroom, for this semester’s liaison luncheon.  All departmental faculty liaisons to the Libraries are invited to a casual catered lunch, and then we talk at them for an hour or so while we all eat.  This semester’s issues:  our Netflix service, impending budget freezes, and our forthcoming federated search product, collaborative collection development issues, and this spring’s information literacy survey.  Much chatting with faculty, department chairs, and deans, as well as some tag-team explaining of various services and initiatives with the Director as she ran the meeting and called out librarians to speak to their issues and projects.  And then more chatting with faculty members.  It’s an important and successful outreach event, and this year’s meeting went smoothly.

1:45:  Quickly back to office to retrieve computer and speaker phone for another conference call, while stopping to confirm plans for intern with a colleague.

2:00:  Conference call.

2:50:  Send email to intern outlining next steps.  Schedule two more committee meetings based on conference call progress. Read more email; other SUNY campuses are having trouble with state contracts having lapsed with booksellers, though we have seen no complications.  I am reading along with avid interest and hoping to avoid the chaos.

3:00:  Back to office.  Voice mail.  Return a call to the local hospital, thinking it’s about my surgery, only to learn it’s about a negative reply I wrote on a customer service survey from my last MRI visit.  They “take these surveys very seriously” and when I said that the experience only stood out because everyone else was so professional and helpful, she agreed and pointed out that they keep up that level of service by taking seriously and staying on top of any complaints or issues.  Well done!  A lesson there for all public service staffers.  Called my husband to figure out when and where we’re meeting after work.  Sent a second email to a second person about Blackboard courses (from Wednesday) on the advice of a colleague.  Continued email conversation about claiming vs canceling a recalcitrant periodical.  Got a deluge of “Your requested ILL has been delivered electronically” notices, and printed more articles.

3:35:  Helped a colleague at the reference desk troubleshoot and test a change to the Meebo configuration down there.  Amusingly, we used the phone to talk to each other while sending IMs.  Our technology, it is intertwined.

3:40:  Start reading blogs as a wind-down.

4:15:  Home!

And that was a week in my worklife.  I hope it was instructive!


  1. Jennica,

    Interesting “Day in the Life” series! I’m impressed that you managed to get everything that you do written down!

    In your Friday post, you mentioned that your library is doing an information literacy survey this spring. Is that something that you can share with others? My library is also thinking about doing some type of information literacy survey, but ours wouldn’t be until the fall. It would be great to see what your library is up to!


    Ann Tenglund (librarian at St. Bonaventure University–


  2. Ann, the IL surveys are outside my realm — I just do CD and Tech Services — but I will pass your message along to our Information Literacy coordinator.


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