backup backup backup

One of the things I’m now looking forward to about being the Director of Libraries is that Angie, our fantastic Library Secretary, will force me to back up my computer regularly.

My hard drive failed last Wednesday; when I got the callback from our Help Desk, Steve’s first question was “When did you last back this up?” and the first word out of my mouth, muttered away from the mouthpiece, was not polite.

I’m working on rebuilding from old backups (October 2008, anyone?), emailed copies of documents saved in my Sent folder, and general recollection and recreation.  It’s a miserable experience, and it’s slowed down my effectiveness and efficiency when I least had any extra effectiveness and efficiency to spare.

So consider this my warning to you:  Be Ye Not So Stupid.  Back up your files.  External hard drives, robust flash drives, and remote storage are all cheap, easy, and will save you the annoyance, self-recrimination, and general irritation of my last week.

Go.  Do it.

No, really, I mean right now.


  1. {shameless plug}

    CTS also offers a self-service backup service in conjunction with the Helios file storage service. All files on Helios are backed up nightly, and in your ‘_backup’ folder you can access the last 7-10 days worth of backups yourself. We may be able to retrieve backups older than that when the stars are properly aligned and leprechauns aren’t working against up. While not a solution for full-disk backups, we can certainly accommodate any data files/documents.


  2. Your shameless plug is well-received… if only I remembered to drop everything into Helios. That’s where I got the October backup, which was the last time I remembered to do that. *headdesk*


  3. Our institution automatically backs everything up nightly. However – as I discovered when I accidentally deleted all of my branch’s information literacy files a few days before we needed to give a big presentation – it can take a while for IT to dig up the backups during enrolment week.


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