Move along

Speak to me, when all you’ve got to keep is strong
Move along, move along, like I know you do
And even when your hope is gone
Move along, move along, just to make it through
Move along

[All American Rejects, Move Along]

I drove to work this morning listening to this, at volumes that tested my speakers’ ability to keep up with my love for loud.  My hope’s not gone, but I’m working very hard to just keep moving along.  In the past ten weeks, I have:

  1. Applied for Continuing Appointment (tenure) and promotion to Associate Librarian.
  2. Interviewed to be Director of Libraries.
  3. Had surgery on my shoulder, followed by four weeks of medical leave and two weeks of part-time work.
  4. Been named an LJ Mover and Shaker.
  5. Negotiated a salary for and accepted the position of Director of Libraries.
  6. Hosted a site visit from two SUNY colleagues to share information on resource sharing and collection development.
  7. Suffered through a hard-drive failure.
  8. Worked through and participated in a site visit by external reviewers for our libraries’ program review.
  9. Chaired the committee actively searching for a new librarian.
  10. Begun transitioning into my role as Director of Libraries.

Tonight I drive four hours downstate for a day-long meeting tomorrow at SUNY Brockport.  On Monday I drive four hours downstate in the other direction for a three-day meeting of the SUNY Council of Library Directors. Yesterday I had five meetings in six hours.  I also get approximately 50 emails in any given day, a half dozen phone calls, and a dozen drop-in visits and questions.  I am manager of Collection Development and Technical Services, and need to tidy up those managerial areas so that I can transition out of those roles.  I am planning the libraries’ annual retreat with the help of the Resource Sharing working group, which I chair.  I am the Secretary of the Faculty Senate until mid-May, and I am the Treasurer of the SUNY Librarians’ Association until mid-June.  I become Acting Director of the libraries on June 1.  I really need to clean up my office.

I’m exhausted.  I’m just trying to survive, to move along, to do the bare minimum to ensure that all of these things proceed and succeed the way I hope they will.  The bare minimum is never enough for me, but I have to accept that it may be the best I can do right now, given my list of responsibilities.

I know I can do it, but … it’s hard work. Bear with me if this space is relatively silent.  I have a lot to say, but no time to say it in.  Yet.


  1. Would that I knew how to create more time. 🙂 It’s the resource I don’t have enough of, and I have several very firm and very important deadlines I’m pushing up against.


  2. Hang in there! You will do it!! This is one of the times of year to be swamped in an academic library–even for those of us who have not had all the changes in our professional life that you have had!


  3. Go on with your bad self! You are inspiring the rest of us and it helps to know that exhaustion at the end of the semester and in the midst of great transitions is experienced by everyone! Blare your music, notice the buds starting on the trees (or at least they are just starting across the lake in Vermont), and smile. You’re awesome!


  4. Congratulations on your appointment as Director. I recommend the Transcendental Meditation program. Deep rest twice a day will totally recharge your batteries. Keep up the good fight.


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