Annual meetings and networking

Today I’m at the Northern New York Library Network’s annual meeting.  I started my morning by arguing with my closet over what I should wear on a day when it’s going to be 80 outside but air-conditioned inside (this is a rare problem where I live…), but after arriving at Clarkson, things straightened out.  I got less mad at my wardrobe, and decided it’s a beautiful day, and I like my peers, and oh, really, get over it.

I like these events because I got a chance to connect with the directors from Watertown who I see so rarely, both of whom offered me some good advice about my first few months as Director.  It’s also a great chance to talk to the other Associated Colleges directors.

Michelle Young and I were chatting about how we ought to connect more often, now that we’re both settled into our summers (which we should, because I think we can do really cool stuff if we work together, despite the private/state and science/liberal arts distinctions between us), when the NNYLN Director, John Hammond, approached to introduce us to Bernie Margolis, New York State Librarian (and keynote speaker), who talked with us about Elsevier for a few minutes. We all come at ScienceDirect from different directions — Michelle through Pi2, the State Library through NOVEL, and me through SUNY — but our perspectives are remarkably similar, or overlapping. Probably the most valuable information I’ll gather today, acquired over bagels and juice.  Never underestimate the value of networking.

The morning workshop was given by April Bender of Partnerships for Quality, on grantwriting.  This is totally new to me, outside my scope, and probably something I need to know more about.  So I’m starting to learn. This afternoon Margolis will talk, and over lunch I’ll chat with more librarians.

None of this has concrete results.  None of it can be checked off my very long to-do list.  But it matters, nonetheless.

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