A Director’s day in the life

Bobbi Newman has announced the second annual Library Day In The Life blogging extravaganza, starting next week, but I’m going on a 10-day vacation to the south of France next week, so I’m going to contribute a Library Director’s Day In the Life this week.  It may be less detailed than my previous posts, for confidentiality and time reasons, but I do love me some transparency, so here goes.

6:30: Alarm goes off.

7:00: Shower, hair, makeup, dressed.

7:30: Check the personal side of the internet.

8:00: Leave for work, arrive, buy Diet Coke from vending machine, get meeting materials from my office and check work mail quickly.

8:30: Chair Library Council meeting (full-staff meeting, monthly).  Agenda included construction updates on three current projects and four upcoming projects; planning updates about budgets, second-floor reorganization, communications, staffing, and other housekeeping items; and lengthy discussion of two revisions to our circulation policy.

10:00: Meeting adjourns and staff gathers to have coffee and cookies in celebration of July staff birthdays. Talk about rock climbing, hiking, and then collection development work with various staff.

10:30: Back to office.  Assembled a quick playlist in iTunes to keep me moving through my day.  Check email, voice mail.  Begin editing Student Worker Handbook.  Stop editing to talk to staff member who stops in to ask about circulation policy next steps.  Talk to librarian about Title 3 grant stuff from Provost’s office.  Talk to staff member about faculty outreach related to large-format printing and poster-presentation workshops for students.  Make several notes on to-do white board.

11:30: Pause to check personal email and FriendFeed, and IM with a friend for a minute about weekend plans.

11:40:  Back to email.  Message to Circ Group about new policy work, schedule meeting with Reference Coordinator to firm up plans for fall, second message to Circ Group about ongoing projects.  Call Handbook draft “done enough” and send it to student supervisors for review.

12:10: Lunch! (Which includes not only going to get food, but also taking today’s daily picture…)

12:45: Back to work. Email to Associated Colleges directors asking a question about circ policies (sensing a trend yet?). Email to SUNY librarian declining offer to present at LiSUG (because of travel/timing conflicts). Email to Reference Coordinator about the conflicts on my schedule for fall Reference (since I’m committed to working one shift a week at our desk, to stay current).

1:15: SUNYLA stuff.  Am desperately trying to get this sent off to Greg at Albany.

1:25: Break to talk to libraries’ secretary about setting the libraries’ hours for fall semester.

1:30: Back to SUNYLA.

2:05: SUNY directors’ email regarding contract negotiations for databases.  Sent opinion back to the list, hoping to, as requested by our group’s convener, ‘spark some discussion’.  Reply to email with suggestions about handbook draft.

2:30: Meeting across campus to discuss General Education requirements.

3:30: Call student accounts office to try to clarify a problem for a former graduate assistant in the libraries.  No joy, got bumped up the phone tree, and a return call.

3:40: Email, voice mail, a bit of websurfing. Email bouncing back and forth about GA issue. Emailed Student Government President about the extended library hours that we jointly fund.

4:00: More SUNYLA stuff.  Gotta get this off my desk! (I got very close: final reports, filing, and some photocopying are all that’s left before I write up the “this is what you need to know” email and send it all off.)

4:30: Edit this entry, and more email. Schedule a meeting to discuss information literacy and general education requirements. Sent reminders to staff about several outstanding projects and deadlines, and to clarify my own expectations in writing, since I tend to meander when I give verbal descriptions and plans.

And now it’s 5:30, and I’m going to go home.  That was a day in the life of a library director.


  1. wow things have sure changed since the last time we did this! Thanks for posting and enjoy your well deserved vacation! so jealous! 😉


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