Director Day in the Life, Monday

Slow start to this day, because my schedule allowed it.  Ran some errands after leaving the house, came in a bit late.  Fotunately, it was one of those days dedicated to actually getting things done.

9:30:  Morning start-up.  For those who are curious, this includes:

  • Checking the inbox in the office suite, outside my office door, for the personal professional mail that comes to me.  The library secretary opens and sorts all my mail, not because I can’t do it but because a lot of what I get are things that she handles as part of her job responsibilities, so she sorts those before I get them.
  • Checking the folder next to the inbox for documents that need my signature — purchase requisitions, invoices, personnel documents, etc.
  • Saying good morning to Angie (the secretary) and seeing if she knows anything I need to know before I get started — changes to my schedule, problems with the facility, deadlines for administrative stuffs, etc.
  • Waking up my computer — it’s set to turn on automatically at 9 am, but depending on when I get here, it needs to be either turned on or woken up from sleep — and launching my email, my calendar, my IM client, iTunes, and Firefox.
  • Checking my voicemail, and turning the phone back to ringing in my office rather than the secretary’s (since I’m now in the building).
  • Checking my email, and reading everything in my inbox that’s new, in case anything is urgent/needs my attention.
  • Checking Facebook, FriendFeed, and Twitter for personal and professional updates.  Checking the headlines on Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • Confirming my sechedule for the day/week, since Angie can make changes seamlessly, and I don’t always notice them unless I focus.

10:15:  Email and office visits, now that I’ve arrived and gone through my morning routine.  Checked in with and answered questions about scheduling, information literacy, facilities issues related to and unrelated to ongoing construction, poster printing, the archives, new program proposals and library impact statements, my vacation and its impact on library operations, SUNY-wide negotiations for online resources, staff vacations, and some other things I can’t remember.

11:30:  Web stuff. Surfing feeds and reading articles I bookmarked last week, jsut generally catching up on the professional side of the web.

12:00: Lunch.  Angie put lunch into my schedule every day as a reminder, for which I bless her every time my calendar reminds me to go eat something.  Got a salad and a grilled cheese at the cafe, and sat and read Marketing Today’s Academic Library: a bold new approach to communicating with students, by Brian Mathews, for half an hour.

12:30:  Back to working on the SUNY LARS stats from last week, and comparing my numbers to last year’s to ensure that I’m doing it consistently.  Each year’s data will be different, but if it’s wildly off, I can be srue I’m doing it differently than my predecessor, and I’d rather be consistent so we can compare it longitudinally, unless there’s a compelling reason to change our methodology.  Spent way too much time trying to figure out how to get Windows XP running in Parallels to print before giving up.

1:30:  Stopped stats work to read campus documents in preparation for tomorrow’s Academic Cabinet meeting (a meeting of directors/deans from the major areas that report to the Provost).

2:00: Meeting with Provost.  (We have regular check-ins to discuss the libraries and my job and my performance and issues I’ve encountered.)

3:00:  Meet with clerical supervisors to review staff timesheets, and chat about how they’re doing.

3:30:  More stats work, and some budget work, and also draft a response to a library fine appeal, which always includes a certain amount of sleuthing with the Circulation staff.

5:00:  Done for the day.

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